Chamber of Commerce of Castellón

The Chamber of Commerce of Castellón is a consultative and collaborative body whose main role is the representation, the promotion and the defence of the general interest of companies of the province of Castellón. The CC of Castellón provides special services (information, programmes, and training) for companies focused on activities in the fields of innovation, international business, ICT, environment, management, construction, etc. 

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Lyon

Non-profit organization that acts as a driving force for the competitiveness of the 67,500 businesses that contribute to the vitality of the region of Lyon. The CCI of Lyon works to boost the competitiveness of businesses and the local area, represents business interests, increases the training capabilities of companies and accelerates the growth of small and medium-sized businesses.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Heraklion

Consultative and advisory body that represents, monitors and promotes large and small industrial production, commerce and services for the benefit of national economy. The CCI of Heraklion gives support to local companies to promote actions that boost entrepreneurship through the organization of workshops, the dissemination of information and the provision of assistance.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Drama

Non-profit organization that plays a leading role in the general development and growth of the Drama region by supporting the local economy and the promotion of the entrepreneurial spirit of the region. The CCI of Drama provides assistance to the small and medium-sized enterprises of the Drama region and supports the economic, commercial and entrepreneurial development in the area.

Region of Abruzzo

The Regional Ministry for Economic Development, Innovation Technology and Informatics of the Abruzzo Region supports regional economy, both in terms of promotion and development of competitiveness, and in terms of harmonisation and monitoring of the internal market, by promoting entrepreneurship and supporting territorial development programmes and internationalisation of the regional economic system.


Chamber of Commerce of Naples

The 3rd largest CCI in Italy that operates at a regional, national and European level by giving support to the 230,000 companies registered in Naples in all their activities of internationalization and promotion, including territorial marketing and exporting as well as providing economics and financial information, training, economic research, assistance for innovation, quality certification, arbitration and conciliation.


International Telematic University UNINETTUNO

UNINETTUNO develops the distance teaching system implemented by Consorzio NETTUNO, enlarged at Euro-Mediterranean level thanks to the international success of the Med Net’U Project (Mediterranean Network of Universities). It delivers distance University degrees in a multilingual format via the Internet and via satellite television.

UIP - University development center and university incubator of Primorska

UIP links the academic sphere with the economy in order to extend the entrepreneurship culture among target groups in the region. UIP provides a complete support service in terms of infrastructure and business counseling for newly developed high added value innovative SMEs and new top-level research organizations in the region.

 Andalusian Council of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Navigation

Corporation of Public law that represents and coordinates the fourteen Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Andalusia, defending the socio-economic interests of the region. The ACCC gives assistance to the companies of the region, encouraging internationalization through direct and inverse trade missions and facilitating and detecting business opportunities in third countries.